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ECOline Profil

Profil System facilitates wet method radiant heating/cooling with special profiles for pipe anchoring on insulation surfaces, allowing flexible 5cm spacing for precise loop layouts. Quick, tool-free assembly makes it suitable for various floors, reducing screed use.

System Profil is a installation system, designed for the construction of radiant floor heating and cooling installations in wet method. In System Profil, the pipe anchoring element is a specially profiled surface of the thermal insulation.

The structure of the floor heater made of the elements of system Profil is included in the floor radiant heating systems made using the wet method. The element fastening the heating pipes are specially profiled plastic or polystyrene protrusions located on the surface of the thermal insulation.

Flexible pipe spacing and loop arrangement.

The insulation panels of system Profil provide the possibility of laying loops with a spacing of 5 cm (1.97 in). This guarantees a very convenient way of laying heating loops with a specific, designed spacing and a planned layout.

Advantages of system Profil:

  • Universal application: single- and multi-family housings and public utility buildings
  • Comprehensive and wide product offer
  • High quality of elements
  • Easy assembly without tools
  • Saving screed

Reduced screed consumption.

Thanks to their special design, thermal insulations of system Profil reduce the amount of screed required for pouring the installation.

Quick assembly without tools.

Specially designed protrusions in foamed polystyrene boards of system Profil guarantee durable and reliable anchoring of heating pipes. Assembly of the heating loops is quick and convenient, without the need for additional tools and fastening elements.

For standard, sound-proof and load-bearing floors.

System Profil can be used on floors of different purpose. Thanks to the diversity of thermal insulations, it can be used in standard residential premises, rooms with increased floor load, and also in rooms where ceilings have increased acoustic insulation.

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