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TBS System provides a dry method for radiant heating/cooling installations with profiled polystyrene boards and metal lamellas for efficient pipe anchoring and heat distribution. Quick to install and ready for immediate use, itโ€™s ideal for wooden structures and sports floors.


TBS is a complete installation system, designed for the construction of radiant floor and wall heating and cooling installations using the dry method. The main pipe anchoring element in TBS is a specially profiled foamed polystyrene board with metal lamellas.

The water radiant heating based on system TBS boards belongs to floor heating structures made in the dry system. The heating pipes are placed in specially profiled grooved insulation panels, and then covered with dry screed plates, with thickness depending on the designed utility load of the floor. Heat from the heating pipes is evenly distributed to the dry screed plates through the radiating steel lamellas placed in the board grooves

For wooden buildings and light constructions. 

System TBS is designed for wooden construction where the structure cannot be subjected to a high load of traditional concrete screed. 

Low mounting height. 

The construction made in TBS is characterised by low height. Therefore, the system is often used for renovations or in heating and cooling wall installations made with the dry method.

Advantages of TBS:

  • Universal application: floor and wall installations in the dry design
  • Comprehensive and wide product offer
  • High quality of elements
  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Tool for making grooves in foamed polystyrene boards

Quick assembly. 

The system installation is very easy and quick and can be done by one person.

Ready to work immediately after laying. 

The installation in System TBS can be started immediately after laying it. There is no need for time-consuming maintenance of the screed. Once the installation is laid, the final floor covering can be made. 

For sport floors.

Thanks to their pipe fastening method, TBS boards are ideal for sport floor heating installations with an air gap.

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Plastic Piping and Radiant Hydronic Products
Plastic Piping and Radiant Hydronic Products