ECOline Rail

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ECOline Rail

Rail System utilizes specialized plastic strips for securing heating pipes, mountable directly on various surfaces or with insulation. The system allows flexible pipe spacing and loop layouts for floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors. Easy to assemble, corrosion-resistant, and versatile for diverse applications, it accommodates pipes of various diameters, ensuring efficient heating installations.

SYSTEM ECOline Rail is based on special plastic strips used to fasten the heating pipes. The plastic strips can be mounted directly to the building partition, without any additional thermal insulation (floor, wall or ground) or to the building partition on thermal insulation, e.g. System Tacker (floor, wall).

The Rail strips enable assembly of pipes with different spacing, thanks to which it is possible to freely design and lay loops of floor and wall installation.

For all types of surface installations

Plastic strips can be mounted directly on a building partition without additional thermal insulation (floor, wall or ground) or on thermal insulation (floor, wall). The elements of Rail are ideal for heating installations of outdoor spaces directly or partially exposed to external weather conditions such as snowfall, formation of a layer of ice.

Easy assembly

Rail strips can be mounted with metal pins, dowels or adhesive tape being a part of the strip construction.


  • Universal application: single- and multi-family housings and public utility buildings, industrial halls, warehouses, football pitches, car parks, external traffic routes.
  • Plastic design resistant to corrosion
  • Comprehensive and wide product offer
  • High quality of elements
  • Easy assembly

Possibility of mounting pipes of various diameters

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Plastic Piping and Radiant Hydronic Products