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ECOline Tacker

Tacker System offers a precise solution for wet-method floor heating and cooling installation. It allows the use of varied thickness polystyrene boards with clips and a 5cm grid for easy and quick assembly. Ensures flexible loop layout and durable foil for secure pipe mounting.


The system is used for the installation of floor radiant heating and cooling systems made with the wet method. It makes it possible to use foamed polystyrene boards of different thickness and sets of clips, greatly facilitating the work with the tacker and reducing the installation time.

Wide range of thermal insulation. 

Tacker is an extensive offer of thermal insulations. The different insulation thickness options available give full variety of choice in terms of meeting the insulation requirements of the building partition in line with the applicable guidelines.

Flexible pipe spacing and loop arrangement.

The insulation panels of system Tacker have a pre-printed foil in the form of a grid with a spacing of 5 cm (1,97 in). This guarantees a very convenient way of laying heating loops with a specific, designed spacing. Because of the printed grid, it is also much easier to arrange the loops in the desired layout, e.g. spiral, meander or mixed.

Advantages of system Tacker:

  • Universal application: single- and multi-family housings and public utility buildings.
  • Comprehensive and wide product offer
  • High quality of elements
  • Easy assembly
  • Possibility of flexible adjustment of the heating loop shape

Foil fixed permanently on the thermal insulation. 

Permanently bonded to the insulation, the foil layer ensures a firm grip of clips mounting the heating pipe. This way, the heating loops adhere to the insulation layer over the entire surface, thus guaranteeing an even screed thickness over the pipes.

Quick and comfortable installation using a tacker. 

To lay large heating surfaces, a mechanical tacker is used. It is a tool that makes it possible to quickly and conveniently drive clips into the insulation layer, permanently mounting the pipe. Thanks to its different designs, the tacker can be optimally matched to the clips used.

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