Agro-climate with ECOline Systems

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ECOline system in crop production and animal husbandry

A stable and adequate temperature is one of the most important factors for efficient animal husbandry and crop production. The ideal solution to help regulate the temperature in your farm is to install a  surface heating and cooling system. We suggest how to take advantage of its benefits.

Why is temperature such an important element in plant and animal development? Together with atmospheric humidity, sunshine and wind effects, it creates the right climate for farming. It is a set of climatic factors that are optimal for the development of a given species. In latitudes such as ours, maintaining a stable and optimum temperature in crop production and animal husbandry is one of the fundamental issues during production. Therefore, large-area heating and cooling collectors are being increasingly used on modern agricultural and processing farms. Collectors made of polypropylene together with a surface heating system using a PE-RT pipe can be found, for example, in greenhouses, poultry houses or dairy farming facilities.

Efficiency and energy saving
The main advantage of ECOline surface heating and cooling systems is that the predominant amount of heat or cooling is transferred by radiation. This makes it easy to maintain the so-called “wind chill factor”. Their additional advantage is the low temperature of the water supplying the entire system (the maximum supply temperature of the heating water is 60°C). This allows the use of environmentally friendly, non-conventional heat sources such as heat pumps or gas condensing boilers. The aesthetic qualities of the surface systems are also important. They are invisible and do not affect the arrangement and functionality of the rooms. Also referred to as ‘clean’ – thanks to the reduction of convection currents, there is no problem with dust circulating and settling.

Why is it a good idea to implement it?

The use of surface heating and cooling systems has numerous benefits in crop production and animal husbandry. Installing such a system in a greenhouse allows it to be used practically all year round, resulting in higher crop yields. What is more, it speeds up vegetation by up to about two weeks, enabling an earlier harvest.
The right climate for farming effectively promotes the even development of both the above-ground parts and the root system of the plants. All of this, on the other hand, has a role to play in increasing crop yields. It also has a positive effect on the activation of soil micro-organisms, i.e. bacteria and fungi, which are indispensable in cultivation.
Finally, the installation of surface heating and cooling makes it possible to regulate the temperature at different stages of plant development.

Such systems are also of considerable importance in animal husbandry facilities. Heating the floors indirectly promotes proper growth and reduces the risk of cold-related diseases. Appropriate thermal conditions benefit the development of the animals, but above all the quality of their meat, milk or eggs. The use of surface heating ensures that the temperature of the floor surface is uniform from animal hygiene perspective, eliminating the need for bedding. This ultimately translates into improved working conditions for the facility’s staff.

Multi-tasking system

Highly specialised agriculture today needs modern, energy-efficient installations that meet national and EU standards, ensuring high livestock yields. Can ECOline system be used to make practically any, even the most unusual, surface installation? – It can!
The ECOline  system includes all the components, such as PE-RT pipes, manifolds, automation cabinets or insulation, that are necessary for efficient installation and an economical system.


Plastic Piping and Radiant Hydronic Products